5 Common Poker Beginner Mistakes to Avoid

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As a beginner, it’s easier to get carried away with the excitement of the game and make thoughtless errors at the poker table. Although you’ve probably heard about beginner’s luck, take our word for it and do your research before the game of poker dives deep into your heart (and your pocket). Some common beginner mishaps include trying to play too many hands at once, playing out of position, and perhaps even bluffing too often. As time progresses, you will gain experience and begin to understand the nuances of the game. In this article, we will save you some valuable time and reveal the classic and most common mistakes made by Poker beginners at the tables.

1 Trying too many popular tricks

The popularity of poker has increased significantly ever since the game became critically acclaimed for its excitement and the high winnings players could earn for winning hands. Beginners were often encouraged to try their hand at a game of poker despite having no knowledge of how the game should be played and tricks were used by young players to ensure that they were always on the winning side. This was a serious drawback for beginners that were obsessively defending blinds, cold calling raises, over calling, and failing to recognize opportunities. These are tricks that beginners are advised not to become involved in because they have the most potential to result in losses. In other words, learn the rules of the game and how the game works before you start.

2 Getting scammed at a non-legitimate casino

Poker is a betting game which can be played either at a brick-and-mortar casino or even from home by accessing online casinos that have risen in popularity especially since the COVID19 era. Beginners that do not wish to frequent casinos due to being in Covid isolation, lockdown, or simply for convenience can still enjoy the excitement that the game provides by playing at an online casino. Players must ensure that they find a reliable PayPal casino capable of providing them with all the excitement they’re looking for, without attempting to cheat or scam them.

3 Thinking the rules are different online

Beginners that decide to enjoy poker online can rest assured the rules of the game do not change just because they are visiting an online casino. The rules remain the same as a traditional casino with a single exception. When registering to play online the beginner can choose his or her seat according to their choice confident with the knowledge that their name or pseudonym will be displayed exactly as chosen if they wish to remain anonymous. Players will be able to view there is a special area for the dealer as well as viewing where every other participating player is seated. They will also be able to view the kind of money each player has after every round. Playing poker online is not boring because beginners will have an opportunity to chat with other players on the table because of the live casino software which is used by most online casino operators.

4 Putting Ego first – Indulging in overcalling

Beginners are usually obsessive about defending their blinds because they put their ego first or believe they are getting a bargain as they have made a down payment. Beginner players should rather be looking forward to gaining experience from their opponent’s habits. Trying to obsessively defend blinds with weak holdings can be detrimental, leading to frittering away at any chips they may be holding. Trying to indulge in cold calling or overcalling is another strategy which displays a lack of discipline. Beginners need to exercise patience and discipline when playing poker as these virtues are the best way to avoid mistakes.

5 Not doing your research

Beginners are recommended to conduct research thoroughly and search for an online casino which not only offers them a safe and enjoyable poker playing experience, but also offers other gambling games. Finding a reliable and safe online casino that is acknowledged by the experts is the best way to go.