Best Presidential Candidate for Online Gambling

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Election day is closing in quickly, and at least the political ads will finally stop. If gaming regulation is a voting factor you, then who is the best Presidential candidate for online gambling? Without endorsing either choice, here are some basic facts:

Donald Trump is known for his Atlantic City casinos in a bygone era. However, his tenure an a casino magnate did not carry over to internet gambling. In reality, his only significant move on the issue was not good for the industry.  Yes, he is buddies with billionaire Sheldon Adelson… one of the strongest anti-online gambling advocates in the country. But there’s more.

The recent change of opinion from the Department of Justice over the 1961 Federal Wire Act did come from his administration, even if we don’t know how much he was involved. And that brings us to Mr. Trump’s rival, Joe Biden, and while online gambling is not a subject he talks about a lot, he did say something interesting recently.

When asked about the DOJ’s most recent Wire Act interpretation, which put online gambling regulation in jeopardy in America, Biden said he “…would reverse the White House opinion that was then reversed and overruled by the court”. He continued that the court was correct and that should be the prevailing position.

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