Vegas Casino Closures and Election Results

Most popular casinos in Las Vegas have reopened since June. But with the pandemic still raging, a second round of Vegas casino closures is now taking place. Plus, one big Las Vegas company is considering leaving over Coronavirus concerns! We also gave sports betting and gambling news from all over America! [embedded content] Hello players! […]


The Election and Online Gambling: Trump or Biden?

If  gambling issues in America are an important issue for you then let’s talk about the election and online gambling in the upcoming Presidential candidates! Joe Biden has made comments on the issue, while Donald Trump is a former casino owner! Also, we have online gambling news from Pennsylvania and new Halloween game reviews to […]


Why Trump Voters Should Bet on Him Winning the 2020 Election

Yes, you can bet on the 2020 US presidential election. A few years ago, this would have been tough to do, unless you were making a friendly wager with an acquaintance. You can’t bet on elections at Las Vegas sportsbooks, but online sportsbooks have bettors all over the world making deposits, selecting their wagers, and […]


Top Betting Sites for the 2020 US Presidential Election

I have lived through several U.S. presidential administrations, and never have I seen a nation (and a planet) so utterly riveted by how the next election will turn out. The 2020 US presidential election pits Donald Trump versus Joe Biden. Interestingly, the “obvious” choice for leader of the free world does not depend on data […]


Can You Bet on Election Results in America?

With just weeks to November some may be wondering if it’s legal to bet on election results in America. We answer that question, plus look at gambling news about political betting from Europe. There’s also a game review and Coronavirus news from Las Vegas. [embedded content] Hello my friends! Thanks so much for streaming another […]