Five Popular Online Scratch Card Games for 2020

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Man Playing Real Money Online Scratch Card Game
Did you know that forty-five states in America have a lottery system? The only states that do not have a lottery are Utah, Hawaii, Nevada, Alabama, and Alaska.

Utah and Alabama have religious reasons to oppose a lottery, and those religious beliefs have carried over to the state government level. Alaska does not have a lottery because it does not need the tax income.

Hawaii and Nevada are two sides of the same coin. They do not have a lottery because they do not want it to detract from other revenue sources. Nevada’s casinos do not want to compete with a state lottery program, and neither do Hawaii’s tourism industries.

I never used to play lottery games because I grew up in Utah, where it was not allowed. Once I moved to one of the states with a lottery program, I remember being very excited about buying my first ever lottery ticket. To be honest, I did not really know what I was doing. If I remember correctly, I thought that I was buying an instant win ticket, but I ended up buying a Powerball ticket instead.

When I got home with my lottery ticket, I realized that I could not find out if I had won until after the drawing had taken place. I set it aside and forgot about it for at least a month. The next time I saw the ticket, I went online to see if I had won. Unfortunately, my ticket was not a winner, but I still kept the ticket itself as a way to remember some of my first experiences in my new state.

Fortunately, in today’s world, you can play lottery games online, no matter where you live. Even if you happen to live in one of the five states that do not have a state lottery, you can still play lottery games at your favorite online casinos. However, the only kinds of lottery games that are available online are scratch-off tickets.

There are hundreds of real money scratch card games online that you can play at any one of your favorite online casinos. Most casinos add new scratch games on a regular basis. That means that you have a lot of variety to choose from, which is great because you can simply try a new game if you ever get bored with one that you are playing.

However, it also makes it challenging to know which ones are worth your time or not. That is where I come in. To help you choose a few real money scratch card games that you might want to play, I have compiled this list of five popular online scratch offs that are getting the most attention in 2020.

All of these games are exciting, and they give you a good chance of becoming an instant winner. Best of all, they are available everywhere, no matter where you live. But before we jump into the 5 Best Real Money Scratch Offs, let’s take a look at how real money online scratch card games work in the first place.

How Do Online Scratch Cards Work?

I am not going to insult your intelligence by assuming that you do not know how instant-win scratch-off tickets work. All you need to do is grab a quarter to scratch off the paint and see what amount you won. But how does that work on the computer? The good news is that it is even simpler.

Please do not start scratching your computer screen with a quarter.

That is a really good way to ruin your expensive device, and it would not work anyway. Instead of physically scratching the card, when you play online, you simply use the mouse to click on the window that you want to reveal.

Some people are really superstitious when it comes to playing scratch offs online for real money. They like to reveal one section at a time or use a technique like scratching every other window before they scratch all of them. Computerized versions allow those people to continue using their superstitions because they can still click on whichever icon they want to, in whichever order they prefer.

The best games even have a simulated hand that will replicate the image of a quarter scratching of the symbol for you. So, you can still experience the same amount of excitement building as the numbers begin to appear. Online casinos have really found incredible ways to make players feel like they are experiencing the same thing that they would find in the real world.

Playing real money online scratch off games is as simple as playing the scratch off games that you would buy in the grocery store. The best part is that they give you a chance to know almost instantly whether you have won or not. Now that you know what to expect from online scratch games let’s take a look at some of the popular real money scratch games that are available online this year.

Game #1- Lucky Numbers

Lucky numbers is an online scratch card game that is straightforward and simple. It does not have a particularly exciting theme like some of the other games on this list. Instead, it is modestly decorated with symbols of good luck. Like most real money scratch offs online, you click on the panels to find the hidden icons underneath, and you win if you get three matching symbols.

You might be thinking that this game does not have anything to make it particularly special, but you would be wrong. The best part of this game is the fact that you can earn multipliers that increase your winnings up to five times as much as you would win otherwise. It also gives you two chances to win on every single card that you play.

The return to player percentage on this game is the highest that Microgaming software offers. More than 96.5% of the money that gets spent on this scratch card gets returned to players in the form of winnings.


You have to remember that the return to player percentage gets calculated based on all players at all times, so this does not mean that you will get 96% of your money back. But it does mean that you have decent odds of winning, especially if you play a few rounds.

While lucky numbers is not the best game in terms of theme or graphics, it is the best game from this company in terms of payout percentage. Considering that most of us care more about our odds of winning than the theme of the game, it is easy to see why lucky numbers is such a popular online scratch card game.

Game #2- Wish Upon a Jackpot

If you are looking for a game that is a little more exciting in terms of theme and gameplay, check out the wish upon a jackpot scratch card game. This fantastic game is fairytale-themed, and it comes complete with a fairy godmother, a runaway gingerbread man, and you cannot forget about Puss and Boots.

I like this scratch card game because it gives you a lot of options. Before you begin playing, you can choose how many panels you want to play and how much you want your stake to be. The potential jackpot amount will depend on how much you stake and how many windows you play. Keep in mind that you will pay the stake for each panel, so if you play ten cents on ten windows, you will be betting a dollar on each round.

Another thing that I like about the wish upon a jackpot game is that it is a little different from other online real money scratch offs. The winning symbol will be displayed in the middle of your screen, and you only need one match to win. Most games make you find at least three of the same symbol to win.

Furthermore, wish upon a jackpot has bonus rounds that you can play to increase your winnings. If you get three bonus tiles, you get to play the Jack and the Beanstalk bonus round. To play, you select magic beans that will help Jack get to the top of the beanstalk. Each bean adds to your winnings, and when you get to the top, you get to choose a golden goose egg that multiplies your earnings from the bonus round. There are several other bonus round options available as well.

Wish upon a jackpot has a 93% return to player percentage. That is not nearly as high as the lucky numbers game, but it still gives players a decent chance of winning in the long run. The fun themes and characters, as well as the bonus rounds, make this game worth playing, despite the fact that it has a lower return to player percentage. It is a fun and unique game that you will enjoy playing because it is different from many other real money scratch cards.

Game #3- Merlin’s Millions

A game that offers the best of both worlds is Merlin’s millions. It has the simplicity and high return to player percentage of lucky numbers, plus the fun theme and graphics that wish upon a jackpot offers. This game appeals to people who like simplicity, and people who want fascinating motifs at the same time.

Merlin’s millions is based on the wizard that was King Arthur’s sidekick and friend, so it has a medieval theme for all of its symbols. There are eight symbols that appear on the cards. You have to match three of each symbol to win, and they each have a different payout amount. If you are lucky enough to find three images of Merlin himself, you will be reward with 1,000 times your stake. The magical orb symbol is the hardest to find, but if you can match three orbs, you will get to play mini-games with guaranteed winnings.

The best part about the Merlin’s millions game is that it offers a high return to player percentage of 95.17%. It provides enormous jackpot amounts of up to £250,000, but you can play with as little as three cents per round. Overall, it is a fantastic game that offers a simple game experience with excellent graphics and a high return to player percentage.

What more could you ask for in an online scratch card game?

Game #4- Whack-a-Jackpot

Are you ready to be taken back to the days of hanging out at your favorite arcade? Then, whack-a-jackpot is the game for you. I have to admit that I have been to arcades far more recently than the average adult because I have nephews who love to ask me to take them to the arcade. While my nephews play skeeball and Pac-man, I always head to whack-a-mole to let out some stress by hitting moles with as much intensity as possible.

Whack-a-jackpot probably does not have the same soothing effects as actual whack-a-mole, but that is okay because you will not be stressed when you win!


This game has a high return to player percentage of 96.30%, so your odds of winning, in the long run, are pretty good.

This scratch card game is different from a lot of games because there is a “three strikes your out” rule. You will whack the moles on the head by clicking them with your mouse. Most of the moles will reveal a multiplier amount. If you get three of the same multiplier amount, you win.

However, some of the moles do not have any multipliers. When you click on an empty mole, it counts as a strike against you. If you happen to hit a mole after it starts going back into its hole, then that counts as a strike as well. Getting three strikes before three matching multipliers will end the game, and you lose.

Overall, whack-a-jackpot is a fun game that brings back the nostalgia of those days in the arcade. It also has a high return to player percentage and high potential jackpots. I admit that it is not as fun to me as the original version, but you cannot win thousands of dollars when you play in an arcade. So, I will accept the tradeoff of less fun for more potential winnings.

Game #5- Witch Pickings

The last game that I want to recommend is called witch pickings. It is an excellent online scratch card game with beautiful graphics. Overall, the game is simple and straightforward. There is not a lot of features that make it stand out in terms of gameplay, but the graphics are vibrant and fun. All of the animated symbols are beautiful and realistic. In the background, you get to see a sprawling hill that leads up to the witches’ castle.

There are three witches, along with their potion bottle, castle, and a pot of gold that are the symbols on the game. You have to match three of each symbol to win. Each of the witches has its own multiplier amount, including ten, fifty, and one hundred times your stale. Their crystal ball multiplies your stake by 5,000 to earn an incredible payout. If you are lucky enough to get three of each of the witches, meaning that the witches would fill your entire card, you can activate a bonus game.

Witch pickings is a perfect example of everything that an online scratch card game should be. It is straightforward, and it does not have a lot of bells and whistles. But the graphics are beautiful, and the game is well done. Best of all, the return to player percentage is 95.93%. If you just want a simple game that you can play for a few minutes, this is the perfect game to pass the time and maybe win some money while you are at it.


It is easy to see why all of these online real money scratch cards are so popular. They are easy to play, have low stakes, and if you win, you will know it instantaneously.


All of these games have return to player percentages that are between 93-96%, so they are all games that offer players a decent chance to win.

But it is essential to keep your expectations in check. If you are expecting online real money scratch off games to keep you entertained for hours as slot machines do, you are probably going to be disappointed. You can enjoy a variety of games, but after a little while, you are probably going to get bored of simply clicking your mouse to see which numbers or symbols appear.

Instead of expecting real money scratch off games online to entertain you for hours, I recommend incorporating them into your gambling routine the same way that you would with in-person lottery tickets. When I get done with a gambling session, I will play a couple of real money online scratch offs before I log out of my account. I use the same mentality as if I were picking up some real money scratch cards whenever I go to the grocery store. Scratch games are not something that I spend a lot of my gambling budget on, but they are fun to enjoy everyone once in a while.

Some of you may like to play online real money scratch card games when you begin to run out of money. Any time you have a dollar or two left in your account, that is an excellent time to play an online scratch card game because they have low stakes, and they do not require a lot of effort. There may be some people who intentionally create online casino accounts to play scratch card games online for real money, but I think that they are more like an afterthought for most of us.

Real money scratch cards online are fun to enjoy every once in a while, but you should not play so much that you start to get bored with the game. Incorporating them into your gambling routine on a regular basis is a fantastic way to incorporate these fun games, without going overboard.

Think of it the same way that you would be buying regular scratch card tickets from your local lottery. Most likely, you grab a lottery ticket every time you go to the grocery store or gas station, but it is not something that you do every day. That is how it should be with online scratch card games as well. Any of these games that I mentioned here are perfect for incorporating whenever you want a fun distraction for a few minutes at a time.