Las Vegas Sands Now Eyes Online Gambling

It’s been less than a month since the passing of Sheldon Adelson, and already his Las Vegas Sands has a new CEO who is steering the company toward iGaming and digital betting. Rob Goldstein has been named as Adelson’s replacement, and he seems set to take the company directly into the teeth of the industry […]


American Online Gambling Victory!

The fight over American online gambling may now be over, and it looks like the good guys have won the battle! The First Circuit Court of Appeals has made a decision in the New Hampshire Lottery case after the Justice Department appealed the first decision. But if the DOJ wasn’t happy before, they won’t be […]


Online Gambling, Sports Betting, and Sheldon Adelson Passes

We say goodbye, as long time online gambling opponent Sheldon Adelson passes at the age of 87. We also have New Jersey and Ohio sports betting news, as well as Ohio and Michigan online gambling news. [embedded content] Hello my friends! It’s that time again. Time to find out just what in the hell has […]


Philippines Online Gambling: Horse Racing & Cock Fighting

Don’t look now, but the Philippines online gambling industry is looking to add horse racing and cock fighting to their offerings. This after a recent decision allows land based casinos their take both online and mobile bets from locals. That decisions comes as the Philippines seek to expand their online betting industry by both allowing […]


New Year’s 2021 Gambling News! WSOP! Michigan! Vegas!

We kick off the New Year with gambling news from Las Vegas, as well as California, Michigan and New York State! Also, there is a new World Series of Poker champion! [embedded content] Happy freaking New Year everyone! Jay Todd back after my two weeks off for the holidays. I could have used three weeks […]


Online Gambling in Michigan Expected This Month

The Gaming Control Board has announced that they expect online gambling in Michigan will be live by the middle of this month. The Governor signed legislation which legalized sports gambling in the state late in 2019. Online gaming, however, had to establish it’s own regulations and licensing. The legislature’s Joint Committee on Administrative Rules approved […]


Gambling Games to Play at Home With Friends and Family

You are at home with friends. Everyone in the room has exhausted all possible Netflix options, and besides, you feel like doing something more interactive anyway. Game nights are becoming increasingly popular, even hip, and you want to give it a try.  You pull out some dice, a few decks of cards and decide to […]


COVID Impact on the Gambling Sector

There is no doubting that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact for sectors across the globe, with some areas simply looking to survive and others flourishing from the situation. The gambling sector is one that has been impacted both negatively and positively. When the pandemic first hit, it led to sports events being […]


Christmas Sports Betting & Online Gambling News

Our final show of 2020 wraps up the year with online gambling news involving Sheldon Adelson! There is also sports betting news involving ESPN, Caesars, and Disney! Plus, more Coronavirus closures in Las Vegas and a new game review! [embedded content] T’was a week before Christmas in all of its glory! And I’m Jay Todd […]


Sheldon Adelson Pushed Texas Online Gambling

We’ve called Sheldon Adelson a hypocrite for years, and now he’s proving it with his support of Texas online gambling. The Las Vegas Sands boss is thought to be investing in a measure to introduced legalized internet gambling in the state. According to news outlets in Austin, Texas, Adelson has given $ 4.5 million to […]


Sports Betting and Online Gambling News

We’ve have an abundance of gaming news to cover this week! That includes online and mobile sports betting, casino news from Las Vegas, online gambling news, and the continued expansion of betting on sports in America! [embedded content] Howdy players! Thanks for joining me on another edition of this week in gambling where counting this […]


Michigan Online Gambling Launch Possible Before 2021

Sports betting at land based casinos has been legal for a while now. But Michigan online gambling, along with mobile sports betting, could be up and running before the end of the year. Internet casinos, along with online poker and other online games, have to wait until commercial and tribal casinos receive licenses. The Joint […]