Michigan Interstate Online Poker Expected for 2021

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In a major development for the poker community, a Michigan interstate online poker bill now sits on the Governor’s desk ready to be signed into law. If you don’t understand why this is so significant, then focus on the word “interstate”.

Unlike many other states with legalized online poker, Michigan is set to allow play across state borders with other regulated jurisdictions. This is a game changer, as smaller states have been less likely to allow online poker due to the small pools of players.

Unlike other forms on internet betting, online poker needs large pools of players to generate meaningful profits. Until now the only other states to participate in such cross border agreements have been Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware.

The Michigan House voted 85-16 to approve the Michigan interstate online poker bill, which now goes to Governor Gretchen Whitmer for her signature. The sponsor of the bill says there has been no opposition from the Governor on this matter, so he doesn’t anticipate any issues.