Odds and Picks for Celebrity Divorce Betting in 2020

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2020 Celebrity Divorce Betting Kanye West Kim Kardashian
They say breaking up is hard to do. It may be hard, but it is by no means uncommon. The 2017 US Census identified that 23% of couples were divorced. Celebrities get divorced twice as often, with 53% of celebrity marriages ending in divorce.

There are a wide variety of reasons for these damaged unions. According to Huffpost.com, the reason can be as simple as “things get real when you are married” and as complex as coordinating schedules between two successful people.

We are past the halfway point in 2020. This means betting lines have been released for the survival of high-profile marriages and relationships. Will these couples stick it out, or will they throw in the towel?

In this post, I explore the top split-ups, both divorces, and breakups. The odds in this post are courtesy of MyBookie and Bovada. Most bets must be placed by New Year’s Eve 2020 at 11:59 pm. Bets with different deadlines are noted accordingly.

Kim and Kanye West Announce Divorce Before 2021

Bet Odds
Yes +150
No -200

Note: Bet must be placed by July 29,2020, at 11:00 am. Betting odds courtesy of Bovada.

Will Kim and Kanye announce their divorce before 2021? The Wests have provided the TMZs and E! News media outlets of the world plenty of hot press over the last week.

Kim spoke out on behalf of her husband and his bipolar disorder on her Instagram account.

“Anyone who has [bipolar disorder] or has a loved one in their life who does, knows how complicated and painful it is to understand.” -Kim Kardashian West

While Kim stood by her husband’s side, a series of Kanye tweets flooded social media, revealing terribly private details about their lives. Kanye attacked multiple aspects of Kim’s life including discussions of aborting their first daughter, North.

In addition to attacking Kim, Kanye openly expressed he has wanted to divorce Kim for quite some time. With this publicity nightmare, it is hard not to feel sympathy for the famous Kardashian.

Kanye showed signs of remorse when he issued a public apology on his Twitter account.

“I would like to apologize to my wife Kim for going public with something that was a private matter. I did not cover here like she has covered me. To Kim I want to say I know I hurt you. Please forgive me. Thank you for always being there for me.”- Kanye West.

While it is possible the two will make amends, they have a long road ahead of them. The artist believes his wife and mother in law want to have him committed. He has banned them from visiting his Wyoming ranch, where he has been living.

Bipolar disorder is complex. I can imagine it is a challenge to navigate any mental health illness as a couple in private. It must be even more difficult to navigate the illness so publicly.

While I personally believe Kim will stick by his side, it is ultimately up to Kanye. His interpretation of Kim’s actions will determine if they stay together.

At this time, they are in what some would consider a separation. If that divide is not mended soon, divorce announcements are inevitable.

Despite my prediction, the couple will announce their divorce in 2021, I wish them the very best. This is one I hope I am wrong on.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump Divorced by 2021

Bet Odds
Yes +130
No -100

Betting odds courtesy of MyBookie.

Will the orange man and his Slovenian bride call it quits by 2021? I call TBD (to be determined) on this one. The betting odds reflect the same thought with odds showing a 50/50 outcome.

As discussed earlier, being in the public eye adds a layer of complexity to a relationship. These famous couples are essentially always on stage.

The pressure is exponentially amplified when your husband is the President of the US. With Trump jockeying for the title of “The Most Controversial President”, eyes are always on the presidential couple.

After a barrage of scandal (think porn star relations, allegations of rape and sexual harassment, extramarital affairs), it is easy to assume the First Lady will leave Donald. However, there are a few things to consider.

  • Presidential divorces are uncommon.
  • Sources reveal Melania will not leave Donald while in office.
  • The Don is a believer in prenups. How does that affect Melania?

Consideration #1: Presidential Divorce

Whether you are a fan of the prez, it can be agreed that his actions have been nothing short but unique to him. Political affiliations aside, we can easily agree Trump has a big ego. He does not want to look like a fool.

While he is no stranger to the philosophy of “I do what I want,” this is one instance I believe he will not stray from the long line of “no divorce while in office” tradition of past presidents. According to Elite Daily, the only president to divorce a spouse while in office was Ronald Reagan.

The 40th president’s split was amicable with very little room for gossip and slander. Could we say the same about a Donald and Melania in office split?

It is safe to say the Trumps will stay married through Don’s presidential term. However, this begs the question: what happens if he does not get reelected?

If he does not get reelected, I say tip that scale over to the divorce column.

Consideration #2: Retaliation Fear

In 2018, Unhinged: An Insiders Account of the Trump White House hit shelves. The behind the scenes tell-all by former political aide, Omarosa Manigault, shares controversial but interesting theories about Melania.

According to Manigault, Melania fears Trump will deport her if she leaves him during his term. A White House spokesperson debunked the claims, painting Melania as a disgruntled ex-employee. Grisham told Newsweek:

“Mrs. Trump rarely, if ever, interacted with Omarosa. It’s disappointing to her that she is lashing out and retaliating in such a self-serving way, especially after all the opportunities given to her by the president.”

Who knows if any of this is true? However, I do know Melania was granted an EB-1 Visa in 2001, which granted her legal residency in the US.

EB-1 Visas, nicknamed the Einstein Visa, are granted to individuals who demonstrate extraordinary ability in their field. Hold your jokes. I thought the same thing. What is so extraordinary about living off your looks?

It just so happens the criteria to obtain an EB-1 is largely open to interpretation. The New York Times published an article highlighting how subjective the process is, noting that athletes, models, and celebrities can more easily obtain the Visa than a noted scholar or scientist.

With little insight into how this process works, it is easy to assume an illegal mafia deal took place to secure Melania’s residency. Most retaliation rumors are based on the ambiguity surrounding Melania’s legal obtainment of residency.

I would not take the deportation rumors into consideration when betting. Retaliation is possible, but probably not in this form.

Consideration #3: Prenup Prenup Prenup

Even in his personal life, the Trumpster is a businessman first. He and Melania signed a prenup before marrying in 2005.

Do you remember when it took Melania awhile to move into the White House after the election? It is rumored she strategically delayed her move to further leverage her power to renegotiate her existing prenup.

Kudos to Melania for knowing you do not get what you deserve. You get what you negotiate. It cost taxpayers tons as she spent six months securing “her son’s future.”

While it is unclear what is in the prenup, I am guessing the prenup includes a clause preventing Melania from leaving Trump while he is in office. This would include the current term and any future term.

Final thoughts: Inauguration Day is set for January 20, 2021. Even if Trump is not re-elected, he will be the official man in charge until then.

If he is not reelected, my bets are on divorce. However, the betting line is for whether Trump and Melania will be divorced BY 2021.

If those prenup musings are correct, Melania and Trump will not be divorced until after Inauguration Day 2021.

  • Bet no on divorced by 2021.

Sticking it Out

After scouring the list on MyBookie even closer, the list is full of couples that I feel will stick it out for the remainder of 2020.

Legend/Teigen and Bell/Shepherd

How could anyone think John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are parting ways before 2021? Legend and Teigen are going strong. So are Kristen Bell and Dax Shepherd.

Both couples show strong unions on their public social accounts. They have also publicly supported one another consistently.

Jay-Z and Beyonce

The health of power couple Jay-Z and Beyonce’s relationship is unknown. However, that does not matter.

There is too much financial risk in splitting up their little empire. I vote they stay together, even if it is for finances alone.

In Question

There are a few couples that are big question mark, but the betting odds do not seem worth the roll of the dice.

For Example

Lady Gaga and new beau Michael Polansky are heavily favored to break up at -2000. The romance is new.

Gaga last posted about Polansky on IG in April. I would not read too much into that though. It seems the Queen Monster is reserving her social media real estate to promote her newly released album, Chromatica.

Either way, new romances easily fizzle out. They probably will break up, but you will not make much off the bet. Pass.

Who Cares

Then there are the couples I did not care enough to research. Who cares about Ashley Benson and G-Easy? No one.

Coming to Terms

It seems there may be more staying power than I originally thought. Despite the stats, the list includes a lot of strong couples. If you want to take a look at the full list of bets, you can find them by visiting MyBookie.

Stats show celebrities get divorced at twice the rate. Without the financial strings of a divorce, break ups are probably an even simpler affair. When in doubt, bet yes to divorce or break up.

Just make sure you weigh the return on money. Not all bets are worth the money.