Online Gambling, Sports Betting, and Sheldon Adelson Passes

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We say goodbye, as long time online gambling opponent Sheldon Adelson passes at the age of 87. We also have New Jersey and Ohio sports betting news, as well as Ohio and Michigan online gambling news.

Hello my friends! It’s that time again. Time to find out just what in the hell has been going on in the world of gambling! We have news from all over America, but we begin with this week’s big story: Online gambling’s biggest enemy is gone. The multi-billionaire owner of the Las Vegas Sands corporation, Sheldon Adelson passes away from complications arising from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Now to be fair, we have not been very nice to Mr. Adelson on this program over the years. But in all honesty, he brought most of that shit on himself! After all, he was a hypocrite who donated millions and millions of dollars to republican politicians… all in a failed attempt to stop online gambling in this country. And just to demonstrate how badly Sheldon Adelson failed in his attempt to stop internet, Michigan is expected to launch online gambling this week! Within days! In fact, by the time you’re watching this video, Michigan online gambling could already be up and running.

Industry experts believe that the online market in Michigan may actually end up being larger than the market in New Jersey. Plus, you have the extra added element that Michigan will allow online poker play across state borders. However… I wouldn’t get too excited about interstate online poker in Michigan just yet. Even after it becomes legal Michigan will have to enter into agreements with other jurisdictions that have already regulated online poker, and that could take some time… a long time. How long? Well, they’re hoping to have the deal done by the end of this year.

But while we wait for Michigan to flip the switch on we still have other gambling news to cover. The regulation of sports betting in Ohio failed again last year. Legislators there did not get a deal done before their December deadline, so they’re going to have to start all over again this year with brand new legislation. The problem is that some of the biggest political supporters of sports betting in the state are no longer in office… so good luck with that. Of course, I suppose that residents of Ohio could always just drive across the border into Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile in New Jersey sports betting there saw nearly a billion dollars in bets…. that’s “billion” with a “B”… just in the month of December! For the entire year of 2020 New Jersey saw nearly 6 billion with a “B” dollars in bets taken in! And finally this week, the state of Alabama is looking to expand their gambling business. Right now they allow bingo, horse racing, and dog racing… but estimates are they could generate another $ 700 million a year if they expand. Even more if they allow betting on seed spittin’ and pig wrestlin’!

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