Players Could be Spinning Bitcoin Slot Machines Soon

Could we soon be seeing Bitcoin slot machines for some of our favorite game titles? Our friends at IGT are working on that right now! And soon, popular titles like their Megabucks and Wheel of Fortune could be accepting cryptocurrency payments! IGT recently received a patent after developing a way to move Bitcoin and other […]


Best Undrafted Players in NBA History

Going undrafted is mostly a sign that players weren’t good enough for the NBA. After that, very few find a way to play with big guys. Those who earn their spot under the NBA sun despite being undrafted are almost exclusively hard-working players, and some of them even become All-Stars and NBA champions. Here, I […]


Top Undrafted Players in NFL History

Since its first edition in 1936, the NFL Draft is one of the key events of the football season. When ESPN started broadcasting it in 1980, the football fans around the country and worldwide got a great opportunity to watch their favorite teams choosing their future stars. However, over the years, a bunch of guys […]


US Players Looking for Cashless Casino Options

A new report from the Innovation Group has found changing player perceptions and behaviors around casinos. One such change directly ties to the Coronavirus pandemic is the interest in new technologies such as cashless casino  payments. Casino players apparently want cashless options with 86% of respondents expressing concern regarding concerns about COVID-19 from handling cash […]


Why Slot Games are Popular with New Players

The online gambling industry is in the midst of a huge boom, with an increasing number of operators moving into the sector over the past few years. Experts have predicted that annual revenues are likely to reach $ 60 billion by the end of 2020 and should continue to rise at a rapid rate over […]