The Election and Online Gambling: Trump or Biden?

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If  gambling issues in America are an important issue for you then let’s talk about the election and online gambling in the upcoming Presidential candidates! Joe Biden has made comments on the issue, while Donald Trump is a former casino owner! Also, we have online gambling news from Pennsylvania and new Halloween game reviews to share!

Hello my friends, and thanks so much for streaming another edition of This Week in Gambling! I’m J. Todd, and this week we have gambling news from the state of Pennsylvania, plus brand new game reviews to share for Halloween games just in time for trick-or-treating. But first, we start at the federal level and talk of the election and online gambling with this week’s big story.

In a recent video we discussed betting on the US election which, in a nutshell, is illegal. So yeah… don’t do it. However, the big vote is now about a week away and shit is starting to get real. With that in mind I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you all some interesting gambling facts about the two absolutely stellar individuals that we the American people have been given to choose from to be our next elected President. And I’ll do so without using words like “megalomaniac”… or terms like “career political stooge”.

First there’s Mr. Trump, who has owned casinos in the past so you would think he would be pro gambling. But not so much. In addition to his casinos being a complete disaster his administration has actually tried to stop online gambling in America. You may remember a while back that the US Department of Justice changed their opinion on the 1961 Federal Wire Act to try to make it apply and put an end to online betting in this country. So while Trump didn’t personally attack our industry, his administration sure as hell did.

And let’s not forget Trump’s ties to online gambling’s biggest enemy in this country, the billionaire owner of the Sands Corporation Sheldon Adelson. Mr. Adelson has been trying to put an end to internet betting in America for years, and he donated millions and millions of dollars to the Trump campaign. And what you think? All that money was free?

Then we got old Joe Biden over here. He’s been in politics for nearly 50 years! My friends, you don’t go in politics that long without being in a few pockets and making a few special interest friends… if you know what I mean. But has he ever actually said anything about online gambling? Actually he has!

When asked about the Justice Department Wire Act opinion and how it applied to sports betting and online gambling, Joe said that he would reverse the opinion that had been reversed by the court… the reversal was overruled by the court that had been previously the DOJ opinion… which got reversed by their legal counsel which was reversed in the past with their previous opinion about online gambling… yeah… then he started rambling on about an old Laverne and Shirley episode that he dreamed he was in… and then he took a nap. No one knows what Joe Biden’s saying. Not even Joe.

So, I’m not endorsing any candidate. I don’t give a damn about either one of them. Quite frankly both men nauseate me. Of course, politics in general nauseate me. But if the election and online gambling is important to you, and it’s the kind of issue you’re going to carry with you into the voting booth, well now you have more information to go on.

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