Washington D.C. Sports Betting Makes $1.2 Million

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Well, it took just over two months, but Washington D.C. sports betting had just north of $ 1 million wagered. That’s only $ 237,000 in revenue for the District.

Officially launched on the 30th of May (and calculated through August 3rd) those numbers are well short of states like Colorado, which launched sports betting in May, which saw over $ 25 million wagered in May with another $ 38 million in June.

Of course, Colorado has 5 million more residents than the D.C. does. How much the effects of the pandemic may have played a role should not be overlooked.

When sports betting was passed in D.C. in late 2018, the jurisdiction forecast $ 92 million in new revenues over the next four years. You can read more on Washington D.C. sports betting at Yogo Net.