Will Ghislaine Maxwell’s Trial Take Place on July 12, 2021?

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Ghislaine Maxwell’s Trial Date
As I started to write this article, I wondered, “Who is Ghislaine Maxwell?” Yes, I have been living under a rock.

For my fellow “under the rock” dwellers, Ghislaine Maxwell is the infamous Madam of Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted child rapist. Maxwell currently faces charges for her participation in the recruitment of underage children for the purpose of sex trafficking.

To catch you up on who Maxwell is, below are some quick facts:

  • Maxwell is the socialite daughter of the deceased media mogul Robert Maxwell.
  • She was Epstein’s girlfriend for some time before the romance dissipated.
  • Maxwell became the “Lady of the House” as she took over recruitment in Epstein’s sex trafficking ring.
  • Prior to being arrested in July 2020, Maxwell was in hiding for three years, disappearing from her high-profile social circles.

There has been a ton of media coverage on the strange death of Jeffrey Epstein. With her alleged involvement with Epstein’s sex trafficking ring, it is no surprise there is speculation on whether Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial will take place on July 12, 2021.

Bovada has odds that point to the trial NOT taking place on July 12, 2021.

Bet Odds
Yes +125
No -165

In this post, I explore some variables that can impact your final bet. Read on to get some insight into how you should bet.

Maxwell Highly Monitored in Jail

Almost a year after Epstein’s mysterious death, there is still speculation on how Epstein’s jail conditions possibly contributed to his demise. It is hard to ignore some of the discrepancies in how Epstein was monitored and released from suicide watch just days before he allegedly took his own life.

Maxwell is currently being detained at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn. Maxwell’s lawyers argue Maxwell’s jail conditions are unfairly influenced by Epstein’s suicide.

Sources online, including NBCnews.com, report that Maxwell is under constant surveillance in solitary confinement.

A court filing claims, “It has become apparent that the BOP’s (Bureau of Prisons) treatment of Ms. Maxwell is a reaction to the circumstances surrounding the pretrial detention and death of Mr. Epstein.”

While Maxwell’s legal counsel continue to complain and lobby for more “fair treatment,” the BOP declined to comment.

For privacy, safety, and security reasons, the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) does not release information on an individual inmate’s conditions of confinement,”

a spokesman said.                               

The socialite should be excited she is being monitored so closely. It was the oversight of a couple of sleeping guards that ultimately led to Epstein’s alleged suicide.

With the increase in security, it can be presumed that Maxwell should not die in jail before the trial date. Then again, she has only been in detainment for a little over a month.

New York prisons cannot afford another blunder in such a high-profile case. To avoid the countless conspiracy theories, the New York prison system needs to ensure Maxwell does not mysteriously die.

General Population Accommodations Could Delay Trial

I find it interesting Maxwell’s lawyers want to release her to the general population area of the jail. Supposedly, Maxwell is being monitored by 2 to 3 guards at the time, some of which do not appear to be MDC personnel.

These individuals are documenting her every move and every activity. What is worse: being monitored closely or being released to the general population?

MDC Brooklyn is home to criminals who have been convicted of different kinds of crimes. Crimes can range anywhere from robbery to murder.

What will happen if Maxwell is moved to the general population portion of the jail?

Like her ex-boyfriend Epstein, she will need to payoff other inmates to help protect her.

If I were Maxwell, I would count my blessings for solitary confinement. Release into the general jail could mean an early demise for Maxwell via shanking or some other less mysterious way of dying.

Delay By Covid Highly Unlikely

Can we have any kind of discussion these days without Covid being a consideration? The answer is no.

The incarcerated face high-risk variables that increase their probability of contracting the potentially fatal virus. Conditions such as overcrowding, close quarters, and at-risk populations all contribute to the spread of the virus amongst the detained.

According to The Equal Justice Initiative, inmates are infected up to five times more than the general population. The Bureau of Prisons publishes the number of inmates tested, the number of pending results, and the number of inmates infected with the virus by the facility.

At the time this post was written, 345 inmates have been tested where Maxwell is housed. There are 53 tests pending results, and only eleven people have been reported as infected per the data.

Brooklyn MDC can hold up to 1631 inmates. With only 21% of the population tested, there is potential for the number to increase dramatically as testing continues.

While there can be a big upswing in numbers as more tests are conducted, remember Maxwell is being held in solitary confinement. Unless her lawyers are successful in gaining approval for her to move to the general population area of the detention center, her chances of contracting the virus are relatively low.

Aside from contracting the virus, many probably wonder if Covid will impact in-person hearings. According to the USCourts.gov, courts in different parts of the country resumed in-person proceedings in June 2020.


In addition, we are about a year out from the trial. If Covid is still a hot topic by then, there is a good chance new standard protocols will be established to conduct trials safely.

Thus, it is unlikely Covid will impact the trial date.

Naming Names

Perhaps the biggest interest, in this case, stems from the possible names that could be disclosed. To run a successful sex trafficking ring, you must have buyers or clients.

When you are a socialite, like Maxwell, it is highly likely your buyers or clients are high profile and powerful people. There has been much speculation on who Maxwell will name during the trial.

Maxwell and Epstein have been seen with the likes of Prince Andrew, the Trumps, and the Clintons. The list does not stop there. Check out this list published by the NY Post.

To summarize, a lot of people fear G-MAX. G-Max is the alias Maxwell used as she moved money around. What a discrete alias…

There is speculation Maxwell has access to all the security tapes of Epstein’s property. The video footage would include people coming and going from his estate. Video footage has reportedly gone missing.

G-Max has an unbelievable amount of power, but with power comes enemies. Prince Andrew has been named as an alleged sex abuser in the case of Virginia Roberts Giuffre, an Epstein victim.

The Prince has denied ever meeting Giuffre, although pictures have surfaced of the two together with Maxwell. Prince Andrew denied the claims. Can he continue denying the claims if Maxwell releases videos or additional photos? What measures would the Prince take to mitigate this risk?

Let us not forget the Clintons. It is funny this “power couple” keeps finding themselves at the center of the scandal.

Aside from the infamous Monica Lewinsky debacle, former President Bill Clinton has visited Epstein’s private Caribbean island, nicknamed Orgy Island, not once but multiple times. Clinton claims he did no such thing until sealed documents were recently released.

Clinton then claimed he had no idea Epstein had been convicted of sex crimes in 2008. Bill, this sounds a lot like your “I don’t recall.”

All in all, lots of people should be shaking in their boots. A release of names can taint careers and destroy lives. Are these alleged conspirators willing to take that risk?

Trial Will Not Take Place on July 12, 2021

Despite the rationale behind Covid or the maximum security conditions, I do not think the trial will take place on July 12, 2021.

I am not much for conspiracy theories, but I do not fully believe Epstein died from suicide. Like mentioned before, there are discrepancies in how he died, including how two guards fell asleep on their watch.

It sounds very convenient. While Maxwell is held in solitary confinement under 24/7 video surveillance, there is always the possibility someone will get to Maxwell.

You have my thoughts. Place your bets.